8 Ways to Steal Time for Yourself to Read

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So, we all love reading, right? I mean, some people like books, some people love them, and John Waters only sleeps with people who have them. (My question: What about ebookworms?)
Anyway, hip young cats that you are, you heart the written word, but you also heart a lot of other things. We’re a busy, 5-second-attention-span culture, and once you’ve fallen out of the habit of reading, it can be hard to get back on track. But don’t fret! Here are some super-awesome, banana-split-level fun tips to help you get back on the literary horse:

early bird 

Set up some soft lighting by your bed that you can turn on without getting up. Then, set your alarm either ten minutes earlier (or snooze one less time), and use the time to read. Just think of it as a reward for waking up. Plus, softer lighting can actually ease you into the waking world.


The evil twin of morning reading, if you are blessed (read: cursed) with insomnia, don’t take pills that’ll make you do weird shit while you’re unconscious. Read a medical text instead!


Because I am totally terrified of being late for things, I have a tendency to leave for class/work/parties/life just early enough to be awkward. Don’t be me, but if you can get out the door with ten minutes to spare, you can totally fit some reading in once you get wherever you’re going. Bonus: if you run into a dragon on your way, you’ve got ten spare minutes to slay it, which is plenty of time if you’ve got the proper equipment. You’ll never be late again!

mooch a ride

Go green on your way to work and read while you’re taking public transit or riding your fixed-gear, hipsteriffc bicycle. (Or, you know, not that last one because that’s dangerous and douche-y.)  People write whole novels on the subway, so you can go ahead and take time from your subway trip to read them.

liven up your television

According to statistics I just made up, the average American spends thirty bajillion hours a week watching television. If you watch it live (so retro!) resist the urge to giggle at commercials. Mute the tv and read. On the other hand, you might miss out on this terrifying cheese advertisement.

flying solo

You could do the whole never-eat-alone thing, or you could embrace it and read during your solo-meals. Sometimes I try to match up what I’m reading with what I’m eating/drinking. (And then I put the pictures on instagram, which I’ve been told is annoying.) For example, for a book set in Chicago, you can chow down on some deep-dish. For scary stories, straight up candy. For a book whose title character is a sassy barista trying to figure things out in her early twenties, you could have a latte mixed with party drugs. (Please don’t do drugs.)

log off

The internet will expand to fill as much time as it can. This is just a fact. For me, when I’m like, “Oh, I’ll just put Facebook up while I do something productive in case any of my friends want to talk to me”, nothing productive ever happens. I promise you will be okay if you log off for a while.

lather up

This is a time honored tradition, and for good reason. It is my personal opinion that baths are amazing. (Although this is mostly because my water heater tries to kill me when I take a shower.) You can actually get waterproof cases for ereaders, if that’s your style. And most importantly, you totally get glamour points from soaking in the tub.

How do you guys fit in time to read? Tell me in the comments…or just tell me that you hate my guts.

stay classy,

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