Webcomics Are Amazing +10 Recommendations for Newbies

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This being 2013, we’re all pretty entrenched in “geek culture.” It’s all over the place, being super awkward and making clever little jokes. So cute. That being said, I don’t think webcomics get as much love as they deserve.
For the uninitiated, webcomics are a lot like regular comics, except they live on the internet. If you like jokes, cats, superheros, booze, mythology, science, video games, indie music, robots, talking plants, booze, or basically anything fun, there is a webcomic out there for you. (Don’t like any of these things? There’s still one for you.) Other than that, you get to look at pictures, which is awesome because everybody loves pictures. You can read webcomics in your pajamas, or in formal wear, or in the nude. Best of all, they’re free, although buying merchandise/printed comics is a great way to support the artist and feed your materialist shopping obsession.
In short, you have nothing to lose!
To help you on your journey toward web-geekery, I’ve included some recommendations. Most of these are pretty popular, but they’re a good place to get started. (Plus, a lot of these sites include recommendations for other comics that the artist likes. You could get stuck reading suggestions for hours!) Hot tip: if you find one you really like, and the comics are related to each other, you may want to start from the beginning/use the archives!
Artist: Randall Munroe
If You Like: math, science, computers, graphs, snarky social commentary, and jokes that can’t decide if they’re sweet or cynical
Art: (mostly) stand alone comics, largely depicted with stick figures, lots of graphs/charts/words
Questionable Content
Artist: Jeph Jacques
If You Like: indie music, robots, crude humor, roomie/relationship/friend drama, coffee, a nearly infinite cast of characters (in a good way)
Art: colorful, improves as the comic progresses, set in an alternate universe that is really similar to our own
Girls With Slingshots
Artist: Danielle Corsetto
If You Like: alcohol, talking plants, lovie-dovie stuff, people of lots of different sexualities, angsty writers, adorable best friends, and, well, sex
Art: currently colorful and cartoon-realistic, almost always four panels, and like QC goes through changes over time
Strong Female Protagonist
Artists: Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag
If You Like: superheros, supervillains, social drama, college-aged people, a fictional universe, sci-fi explanations for superpowers regarding genetics
Art: black/white pages, colored covers, presented like a physical comic (in page form, rather than strip form)
A Softer World
Artists: Emily Horne and Joey Comeau
If You Like: hipster photography, stand alone comics, typewriter-y fonts, sassy remarks
Art: photographs! three panels! text over the pictures! no plot whatsoever!
Happle Tea
Artist: Scott Maynard
If You Like: mythology, comics you have to have explained to you, cute things, magic, sasquatch
Art: colorful, pretty damn cute, blocky
*Happle Tea has not been updating much recently, but even so, it’s worth hours of educational fun
Artist: Winston Rowntree (a mysterious pseudonym)
If You Like: wordswordswords, occasionally depressing, occasionally uplifitng, features a sphynx!
Art: breaks all the fucking rules, has “too many” words, is fucking beautiful
*Also doesn’t update much, but it never has and never will so just deal with it
This Hanging Rock
Artist: Taylor-Ruth
If You Like: junk food, high school/college aged people, music, movies, the x-files, being kinda cynical
Art: varies, sometimes features collages, number of panels varies, sometimes it’s just patterns or words in slime font
Also Worth Checking Out: Diesel Sweeties, Kate or Die!, Dinosaur Comics, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 
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