45 Terrifyingly Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

hello all,

Halloween’s just around the corn-maze corner, and if you’d stop eating pumpkin flavored foods for a second, you’d realize that you don’t have a costume picked out yet. Or you have a costume, but it’s not a good costume.

Scary, right?

I’m here to help. Freak out in style with one of these awesome ideas!

  1. Vampire Barbie: Plastic vampire teeth+Barbie’d out hair/makeup.
  2. Sweatpants Playboy Bunny: Bunny ears+sweatpants/sweatshirt.
  3. Future You: Wear a suit and draw wrinkles on your face. Or something.
  4. Past You: Did you have a bad teenage haircut? Do you want to relive your mistakes?
  5. Evil Villain: Get a watergun and write the words “freeze ray” on the side. “Death ray” works too.
  6. Santa Claus/The Easter Bunny/The Tooth Fairy
  7. A Meme
  9. Marathon Contestant: Athletic clothing+a race number. Talk about your Paleo diet.
  10. Druggie. Pick a drug and stereotype yourself appropriately.
  11. Your Ex: act like a douche-y douche.
  12. Costume Judge Panel: Get a group together and score people’s costumes with scorecards and/or fun prizes.
  13. Turtle: wear a green turtleneck and walk slowly.
  14. Scary Food Vendor: Strap a belt to a tray and fill it up with scary goodies. For example, red juice is blood, grapes are eyeballs.
  15. Couple’s Costume: Each Other
  16. Dinosaur: It’s an excuse to watch Jurassic Park for research.
  17. Fainting Goat: dress like a goat and fall over randomly.
  18. Betty White: because everybody will love her forever.
  19. Newsie: THIS MOVIE will help you prepare. Plus, you can wave newspapers around and make sarcastic comments about the government shutdown.
  20. The Internet/A Demon Teletubby: Stick an iPad on your stomach and run around, whacking people with tentacles and yelling “You’re connected!”
  21. Person with a Lame Superpower: You should totally watch Misfits. Totally.
  22. Tumblr: Wear tumbling clothes and have printed out copies of your favorite tumblr blogs.
  23. The Fashion Police: write people tickets and stuff.
  24. “You”: Walk around with a mirror and hold it up when people ask what your costume is.
  25. Friend Costume: Hiker and Bear
  26. Couple Costume: Puppy Love
  27. Sexy Dita Von Teese: trick (or treat) question!
  28. Party Sasquatch: Basically, dress like sasquatch but with a party hat.
  29. Recently-Dumped-Musician: You are so sad, so very, very sad.
  30. The Spirit of Halloween: Tell everybody the True Meaning of Halloween.
  31. Wilfred: Everybody loves a dog that looks like a person but is a dog, or is he?
  32. Angry Chef: Wear lots of blush and yell at people.
  33. Tophat Chef: Chef costume, but with a top hat. Because Top Chef is so 2012.
  34. Gotye “Somebody That I Used to Know” Video: Paint yourself up and sing your heart out.
  35. Raver: Because glowsticks, obviously.
  36. Throw on Absurd Clothes Randomly and Don’t Explain It
  37. Zombie+an Old Work Uniform
  38. Vampire-Zombie: Because nobody will expect it.
  39. Zzzzombie: Zombie makeup+pajamas+a pillow.
  40. Politician: It’s a little played out, but it’s probably the scariest thing on here.
  41. Blood Bank Robber/Vampire: Ski mask+vampire teeth+black outfit+bag of blood.
  42. Zombie Walter White: The show may be over, but the fandom never ends.
  43. Where?Wolf: Dress like a wolf, ask people where you are. Be surprised when people get annoyed.
  44. Camera: all black+mask that looks like a camera.
  45. Couple Costume: Awkward Prom Dates

stay spooky,