Journaling 301: 101 Prompts

journal 301
hello all,

I’ve written about the basics of journaling and audio diaries, but plenty of people have a tough time finding things to write about. Generally, this gets easier as you do it– the more you write, the more natural it feels, even if you still feel like your writing isn’t good. (But that’s part of the appeal of journaling: there’s no need to self-police the quality of your writing.)

However, if you’re drawing a blank, here are some starting off points for you, so that you can fill books and books of your own with scribbles. You can answer each prompt with as little or as much detail as you want; after all, they’re just meant to give you something to work with.



  1. describe your family
  2. write about your genealogy
  3. describe your childhood overall
  4. what’s your favorite childhood memory?
  5. describe your childhood friends
  6. what’s your earliest memory?
  7. what stories do your parents tell about you?
  8. what’s your most embarrassing memory?
  9. draw a floor plan of somewhere you lived
  10. write about a vacation you’ve taken
  11. write about any pets you’ve had
  12. what movies did you watch as a kid?
  13. describe the teacher that had the biggest impact on you
  14. put an old picture in your journal and write about it
  15. write about past halloween costumes
  16. write about your favorite holiday as a kid v. now
  17. how does your family celebrate major holidays?
  18. what was your last New Year’s Resolution?
  19. what cities have you lived in/how has your location affected your life?
  20. when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  21. what does your name mean?
  22. how do you feel about your name?
  23. choose a pseudonym for yourself (a pen name, an alias, whatever suits you)
  24. describe your first crush
  25. describe somebody that you dislike
  26. describe your politics
  27. describe your religious views
  28. describe your personality
  29. describe your appearance
  30. describe your fashion sense
  31. write about your job/school
  32. write about your coworkers/classmates
  33. write about your most recent relationship
  34. describe your lifestyle from a health perspective (drugs/diet/exercise) without comment on what you “should” be doing
  35. write about your hobbies
  36. do you have any secrets?
  37. do you have any regrets?
  38. what are you proud of?
  39. who do you know that you want to get to know better?
  40. favorite season/weather
  41. what was the first concert you ever went to?
  42. write about learning to drive
  43. write about your first job
  44. how do you feel about tattoos/piercings?
  45.  what’s the biggest change you’ve ever gone through in your life?
  46. your favorite books
  47. your favorite movies
  48. celebrities you like
  49. celebrities you don’t like
  50. things that make you happy
  51. things that upset you
  52. things you want to do (ie your ‘bucket list’)
  53. things you don’t know
  54. a buncha positive stuff about yourself (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PROMPT ON HERE)
  55. favorite foods
  56. favorite places
  57. favorite quotes
  58. things that are important to you in a romantic partner
  59. favorite songs
  60. things you think are underrated
  61. things you think are overrated
  62. the weirdest things you’ve ever seen
  63. the weirdest people you’ve ever met
  64. favorite historical figures
  65. things you feel like you’re supposed to do but don’t actually want to do
  66. go people watching and write about somebody
  67. go sit outside and write about the weather
  68. write an entry that’s a letter to somebody (doesn’t matter who)
  69. write an entry from the perspective of somebody else
  70. write a haiku
  71. interview somebody and write it down
  72. sketch your surroundings
  73. collect some autographs
  74. press flowers
  75. collect your ticket stubs, pictures, etc. and include them in your entries
  76. evaluate a concert or movie like you’re a critic
  77. journal your dreams
  78. write an entry in a secret code
  79. if you know more than one language, write in the one you’re least comfortable with
  80. journal your workouts
  81. if you’re a musician, journal about your practice sessions (it can help keep you focused and remember what you’ve worked on)
  82. write a short story about people you know, but don’t include yourself
  83. draft a zombie preparedness plan
    Zany Stuff
  84. would you rather be a zebra or a giraffe?
  85. would you rather be really good at giving gifts or always get good presents from other people?
  86. what historical figure would you like to face in a dance-off?
  87. what historical figure would you like to face in a duel? (hint: not Andrew Jackson)
  88. if you were a piece of technology, what type would you be?
  89. describe the perfect crime
  90. given the choice, would you forget all of your past relationships? (a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
  91.  would you rather have a job that was super boring and safe or a job that was interesting but dangerous?
  92. if you had to live in a fictional universe, which one would you choose?
  93. street smarts or book smarts?
  94. would you rather be in a knife fight or a gun fight?
  95. would you choose to live in a world without the internet?
  96. you can travel through time, but you have no control over when/where you’ll go or for how long. do you do it anyway?
  97. would you rather live without a car or live without a cell phone?
  98. would you rather wear high heels every day or never wear them again?
  99. would you rather let a dog lick your face or kiss somebody you dislike?
  100. what’s your favorite conspiracy theory?
  101. would you rather have been on the Titanic or the Hindenburg?