Surviving The (Pixelated) Zombie Apocalypse: “Organ Trail” in Review

organ trail image
hello all,

Dear reader, reach back into your mind and try to remember a certain Oregon Trail, in which you and your closest friends/worst enemies trek across the old-timey US via covered wagon.
Fast forward to 2012 and add zombies, and that’s Organ Trail, in which you and your closest friends/worst enemies trek across the apocalyptic US via covered station wagon.
Simply put, Organ Trail is a mix of two elements: the retro-nostalgia craze and the zombie zeitgeist. Your enjoyment of this game is probably going to hinge on your feelings about these two things…if you’re enthusiastic about one/both of them, hey, this is your game. If you’ve burned out on zombies everywhere and wishing it was the 19-not-now’s, you might want to pass.

Overall, I was pretty into it. (The first time I played it, it actually stressed me out because zombies.) There’s a large element of strategy, but enough randomness that the game can still be difficult, because things will happen like:

the map you use in the game
the map you use in the game
  • Oops! A bunch of food went bad!
  • A bandit kidnapped your friend!
  • You’re being attacked by a zombie bear!
  • Somebody got dysentery. (Of course they did.)
  • “A small fire started in your car and burned $5.”

Because, yeah, that happens.

Anyway, so you start the game by meeting Clements, who saves your life after you run out of ammo facing down a zombie horde. You and Clements set off to go to DC to find all of your friends. Unfortunately, just as you arrive in DC, Clements is bitten by a zombie and you’ve got to, well, you’ve gotta put him down. This happens every time you play the game, even though you’d think he’d learn from his mistakes eventually.

A moment of silence for Clements, the true hero of this game.

Alright, we’re done.
After you shoot your only friend in the face, you get to really start the game, which consists of: watching the station wagon drive, shooting zombies, struggling to find supplies, and making lose-lose choices until you question your own preparedness for a zombie outbreak.
It’s solidly entertaining, maybe not the Best Thing Ever, but it’s a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. The main complaint that I’ve heard is that the randomness of some of the events makes it frustrating. (To which I say: get over it, it’s a video game.) Overall, I’d give it a thumbs up, but not two thumbs up because I need the other hand to eat popcorn.