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cat yarn knittinghello all,

I’m a big fan of “healthy outlets for emotional turmoil,” so naturally I have all sorts of ways to blow off steam tucked away in my back pocket. I exercise, I journal, and I try to incorporate a few basic self-care ideas into my daily life. Oh, and I knit.
While the act of knitting itself is somewhat boring, I’ve found it’s a great way to burn off nervous energy/relieve stress. (Since I have a tendency to pick at the skin on my face and hands when I’m upset, keeping my hands occupied is crucial for keeping my beauty game in check.) My theory on why knitting is so relaxing:
  • it’s repetitive, but still engaging ; while knitting is not all that complicated, especially with simpler patterns, it does take a little bit of an edge off of whatever you’re thinking about…which is really, really good if you’re trying not to mope
  • there’s a reward finishing a knitting project (even a scarf) feels really good, and then you get to wear it around and have people ask you about it and feel like a crafty fox
  • it’s creative making things can be incredibly cathartic, especially if you go rogue and design your own patterns
  • the motion of knitting is relaxing ; it really truly is, I don’t know how to describe it to you other than just being very calm and stabilizing. I have pulled myself out of crying fits by knitting, it’s like magic. (Actually, it’s brain science — here’s a link to refinery29 about a study saying that knitting releases dopamine, and here’s a link to the study)

Please, dear reader, I implore you: rid yourself of the notion that knitting is for grandmas. You can have all the winter scarves and hats that your little heart desires, and hoarding yarn is really fun. Give yourself a chance to love knitting.


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