1 Year Of Blogging + Highlights

hello all,

I recently received an email from my hosting provider letting me know that it was time to give them more money for my domain, meaning I’ve been in the blogging biz (in the loosest use of the word business) for about a year! As I’ve mentioned in other posts, it’s been kind of a tumultuous year for me overall. However, the experience of writing and having this outlet has been incredibly satisfying, and really, a lot of fun.

In honor of my so-called 1-year-blogaversary, I’d like to re-share some of what I think are my best posts. I’d also like to say “THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU” to everyone/anyone who has read something I’ve put up, especially people who’ve told me when they liked something I posted. So, without any more self-congratulatory rambling…the highlights:


Sneaky Tips For Writing Better Essays For School

Secret Obsession: Travel Slogans

my 3-part series on journaling/diary-keeping: The Beginner’s Guide to Journaling, Journaling 201: Audio, and Journaling 301: 101 Prompts

Secret Obsession: Doppelgangers

Your Guide To: Hedgehog Care

Your Guide To: Quitting Facebook

Lessons From My Pseudo Freshman Year

i’m a sentimental vegetarian

that time I outed myself on a final exam



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