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A Liebster Award is a kind of chain-letter promo for new bloggers. When I first started seeing them, I have to admit I kind of rolled my eyes. Essentially, you show up in the comments of 11 blogs and nominate them to do the same, and you all link to each other and hold hands and sing kumbaya.

I’m going to go a bit rogue on the “official” rules, because I think it’s kind of cheesy and also an unsustainable ponzi scheme. That being said, I really like the idea of showcasing some of the blogs that I like and read regularly. My first nomination came from a beauty blogger named Nina  and my second was from Leslie, who writes about studying abroad. I’ve kind of picked around those two pages and chosen the questions that I want to answer. Scroll down to the bottom if you only want to see my favorite blogs!


  1. How much time do you spend on blogging? I typically spend anywhere from 4-8 hours a week writing and photoshopping images for my blog, as well as fiddling with various behind-the-curtains blogging stuff.
  2. What is your favorite makeup item? love lipstick, I just accumulate tubes even though it’s not practical for me to wear on days that I’m playing oboe.
  3. What language(s) do you speak? I speak English and a decent amount of Spanish; my Spanish is really academic and textbook-y though, so I struggle with “real-world” situations.
  4. What’s your purpose in blogging? I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly stated this on here, but I try to write posts that either explore/introduce an idea in a way that you may not have considered (ie: secret obsession posts) or provide some practical significance to the reader (ie: guides). I want reading this blog to be an empowering (cheesy as that sounds) experience that introduces new interests and promotes confidence.
  5. If you had to move, what would you miss most about your current city? I feel like Fort Wayne has some real gems if you look for them; I really like our little bb art museum, the arthouse theater, and about a dozen different restaurants. (Because food is life, alright.)
  6. What are you currently working on or towards? I’m trying to work towards putting more items up on my etsy shop. I’ve just got my one solo zine right now, but I’m working on one exploring fame/celebrity from a personal and feminist lens. I’m also looking into making buttons.
    Elsewhere in my life, I’m cruising through my academic work, since I finally started my actual engineering coursework after last year’s adventure. (My degree will be in civil engineering, but I’m also doing a music minor.)
  7. AND FINALLY…What are some of your favorite blogs? 

Any Girl Friday is a rockin’ feminist blog

Doll Bunyan is the blog of someone I met on twitter — two of my favorite posts on this blog are about the wonders of collage and a review of the Canadian supernatural television show Lost Girl

Sad Girl’s Guide  THIS WEBSITE, OH GOD I love the fucking hell out of it. It is truly like everything I want my blog to be: quirky yet helpful and pop-culture savvy and strangely affectionate. Reading it feels like talking to a friend or a cool older sister. (Even though a lot of the writers are my age/younger)

ScreenQueens is a feminist film blog that I highly recommend if you’re into either of those two areas of personal study.

The Dainty Squid this is a fairly “big” blog and also one I only recently started reading but…I’m kind of enamored with it? It’s a lifestyle blog with some really interesting photography. (I’ve been enjoying her “found on the beach”  segments but I also almost started crying at pictures of her houseplants when I was really hormonal one time.)

I like vivatramp for my current favorite book blog.

I also recommend Sarah’s lifestyle/fashion blog The Petite Pixie for lots of A+ cute outfits and pink.

Pop Culture Puke is a pretty eclectic (yet wonderful) online publication. It has a pretty large set of contributors, and features a lot of pop culture, feminism, and personal essays/other creative writing.

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