I’M INTIMIDATED BY TUMBLR (but here are 3 of my fav tumblr blogs)

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I took my sweet old time getting on tumblr, especially considering the fact that there’s  a couple blogs on there that I’ve loved for literally years and followed by checking them manually instead of just signing up and following them. I guess I was intimidated by the fact that has a bit of a reputation, even though its reputation is one that really should have drawn me in. (See: “tumblr feminist” as an insult.) Still, I’m cautiously wading in, and I wanted to direct you to some of the ones I enjoy.

cattalkCAT TALK

Fun fact: I actually write for Cat Talk, which is a feminist zine at my university. While the primary goal is to open up a feminist dialogue within the university, it’s also got a pretty great tumblr that consists of:

  • intersectional feminist criticism
  • pictures of cats
  • pieces from the zine
  • LGBT news
  • more cats! cats! cats!

As you may have noticed, Cat Talk is extraordinarily cat-centric, which means it’s basically the perfect publication.

flaming zine


Best described as it self-describes, flamingzine is a “queer arson zine, dedicated to the intersection between gay sex and lighting things on fire.”

The general premise goes: a disproportionately large number of arsonists identify as homosexual or bisexual, and maybe lighting stuff on fire expresses this somehow.

I’ve never really put much thought into fire, honestly. For a long time I just really really avoided it because I’ve always been a safe gal who likes to stay inside and read books and follow rules, but something about this blog is just captivating and rebellious and I can’t look away from it.


Alright, so I realize there’s literally a penis in the flaming zine image, but beyond the dick pic link lies SO MANY. This is far and away one of my favorite blogs, and if you go to it you’ll quickly understand why. Basically, readers submit pictures of their penises, and the woman who runs the blog critiques the photography.

Now, in my day-to-day existence I try to minimize my exposure to men as a whole, especially their dicks, but this is one crucial exception. The analysis is witty but always respectful, and the good pictures are…well….really really good.




Hopefully, as I get used to this Unfamiliar Ecosystem, I’ll be able to bring back more Awesome Tumblr for you, but for now, I hope you enjoy these three even like 15% as much as I have.


(PS: Want some non-tumblr blog recommendations? Check out my Liebster Award post, recommending some of my favorites!)

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