Secret Obsession: Stress Showers

Shower CollageCollege is getting me down. I’m sick of studying, I’m annoyed with everyone I know, and more than anything, I’m tired. I’m a gal running on coffee, and as much as I love coffee my life has been a bit too much lately. (Imagine a small army of puppies with each one having one of my problems written on the inside of its lil collar, like a fluffy bundle of angst.)

In addition to knitting & journaling, when I get stressed out I tend to make a beeline for the shower. Which is great when my stress level is low to moderate — everybody loves clean people who smell like shampoo instead of dirt. It’s like a pause button on life, 10 minutes to just get warm and let my brain process everything.

The problem comes when I’m fighting back the urge to take three or four showers a day, just because I’m pissed off and don’t want to work. Tired? Shower. Bored? Shower. Restless? Shower. Angry? Frustrated? Sad? Shower.

There’s a shower for every emotion, but it’s not exactly good for my skin.

yours in perpetual angst,

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