PUMPKIN EXTRAVAGANZA: Tips For Pumpkin Carving



I have what can only be known as spooky fever. Haunted houses, horror movies, Halloween sweaters, and general spookiness are the defining features of October, and instead of daydreaming about cuties during lecture, I’ve been mentally planning my costume.

That being said, here are my pumpkins for the year. One’s a little kitty, and the other is a vampire. Pumpkin carving is a skill I’m still developing, and I wanted to do more this year, but time is kind of an issue for me at the moment. My #pumpkin #goals include: spraypaint over lace to leave a pattern on the pumpkin, bats, and actually managing to get a candle lit AND inside of the pumpkin — unfortunately wind and my weak-ass candle collection put a stop to my efforts.


  • Draw your design on the pumpkin before carving, and make sure you use dry erase marker! This way, you can wipe the marker off with a damp cloth after carving, rather than being stuck with unfortunate marks from permanent marker.
  • If you’re short like me, set the pumpkin on a chair and stand over it to cut out the top; I’ve found trying to do it from a tabletop a little too strenuous and dangerous.
  • Make sure that when you’re cutting out the top, you make the hole big enough to get your arm through so you can scoop out the guts. Also, make sure the “cap” portion is cut slightly slanted — otherwise, the top will fall inside the pumpkin!
  • Don’t be afraid to hunt for the perfect gourd! Keep looking until you find one that you bond with (I’m not joking here, when I find the right pumpkin I know in my heart that it was meant to be.) Also, look over any potentials for scrapes/dents that can’t be worked around. Grocery store pumpkins especially are usually a little bit squished but sometimes that side can be hidden…and sometimes it can’t.
  • Experiment! It can be fun to look up pictures for inspiration, but draw/erase/draw again until you get a design that’s just right.

pumpkin cat

pumpkin vamp



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    I loved these tips- especially the one about needing to have a bond with your pumpkin. it’s always nice to feel for something before you cut it up and take out it’s guts!

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