Secret Obsession: Cemetery Photography

anthony rd cemetary 4
My interest in cemetery photography kind of snuck up on me; I’m not much of a photographer at all, considering I pretty much stick to my phone camera with the grid turned on.

anthony rd cemetaryI don’t know if it’s just the Halloween spirit or if my interests are evolving, but I’ve just become fascinated with these types of pictures, to the point where I actually wanted to take some of my own.

anthony rd mosoleumThese pictures are from a cemetery on Anthony in Fort Wayne, IN. I first visited it on an impulse, coming back from a haunted house. It’s actually fairly close to the street, although you can’t always see it through the trees. Even at night, it was almost completely lit by streetlights!
fall cemetary -anthony
I really enjoyed this cemetery gallery, which is of a cemetery in Clevelend, Ohio. I slid into Cleveland this weekend to meet up with a friend, and I was struck by just how cool of a city it is. There’s a lot going on, which is something I never really expected from Ohio. (I was so wrong!)

It’s a city with a lot of trees, and you may have noticed from these pictures that I fucking love trees.

anthony rd cemetary 2

One thing I think you really see, especially with Midwestern cemeteries, is a kind of snapshot of local history. It becomes pretty obvious that Indiana has a prevalent German background — you walk through this cemetery and there are a ton of German names.

On the other side of that, I noticed that one of the largest (and to be honest, not really the prettiest) headstones shared a name with my university library. Another shared a name with a nearby street. Local history has never really been my strong point, in any place that I’ve lived, but Fort Wayne does have one of the largest genealogy libraries in North America. (To make up for our lack of abortion clinics, I suppose.)obelisk


Another cemetery post, if you’re interested in seeing more, is right here. I hope to get out to more cemeteries in Indiana, but I don’t know how much longer the weather is going to have that just right mix of warmish temperature and colorful trees that made this trip so wonderful.




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