IMG_2850 HERE IT IS, my long awaited, much griped about, second solo zine. Back in August I did an Exclusive Sneak Peak into Love, Sex, & the Whole Shebang, so I figured I’d bring the feature back. Of course, my cat would not get out of the frame, so she’s making a lil bitty guest appearance. You can purchase a physical copy in my etsy shop.

IMG_2853 The text of this piece is:
“I don’t know anyone who unapologetically likes Taylor Swift, One Direction, or Kim Kardashian, yet obviously these figures have maintained their footholds in pop culture and I have to ask: why are we content to be ashamed of our tastes, is it a status symbol to have ‘refined taste,’ do we think that denying what makes us feel will absolve us of class anxieties and the anxieties of existing, or are we just unconciously yielding to internalized misogyny that labels things as ‘for women’ and therefore shameful. I think that either way we are, collectively, afraid to acknowledge what truly moves us, because heaven forbid we be our vulnerable selves.”

This one reads: “Mascara ads have a little disclaimer that they use false eyelashes and razor ads shave an already-bald leg and tampon ads show women smiling and dancing. It’s like even corporations know “beauty” is a BORING LIE.”
And then there are a lot of drawings of vaginas! Plus, you can see that my cat stole my little elephant figurine and I didn’t have the heart to take it back.


fame 1



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