Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese is a big part of my ~alternative lifestyle~ and honestly, it’s one of the best parts. (My family is always asking me about my “alternative lifestyle” and by “alternative lifestyle” they mean being queer and it 50% pisses me off and 50% is just ridiculous and therefore funny.) Anyway, I have grilled cheese on a roster of like 4-5 meals I eat when I’ve just gotten home after a shitty day — others include breakfast-for-dinner and whatever pasta I happen to have available to me.
Anyway, grilled cheese, like pizza, is delicious and wonderful but also incredibly basic — it can veer towards boring if the grilled cheese-r is not careful, so I’ve got a couple of grilled cheese variations to ~keep things fresh~.

  • avocado grilled cheese 

    Ya slice up avocados and put them in your grilled cheese. It’s not too complicated, but the important thing to remember is to try to get the right consistency of avocado within the sandwich. Too much and it’s a bit sloppy and too little and it’s like ok why bother…I usually use like 1/2-2/3 the avocado depending on the size of the avocado/how big the sandwich is. Generally, I add them before I put the sandwich together, since warm avocado is just generally unappealing to me, but experiment with your own ‘cado sandwiches.

  • fancy grilled cheese

    “Fancy” grilled cheese is just a variation in the ingredients of the sandwich itself — use bread/cheese outside of the standard sandwich-bread-and-american-slices arsenal. For example, sourdough or ciabatta bread are some of my favorite breads, and swiss cheese is sometimes good on grilled cheese.

  • tomato grilled cheese

    This is very similar to the avocado grilled cheese, except with big ol’ slices of tomato instead of avocado. This is especially good if you are doing the classic grilled cheese/tomato soup pairing.

  • breakfast grilled cheese

    GOOD GODDESS this is so so good. I mentioned in the cactus post that I’m on vacation right now, and one of my vacation-y activities was going to a restaurant in Scottsdale literally called the breakfast club (which I dug because I kinda like the whole 80’s teen movies deal) and I got a grilled cheese sandwich that had eggs and hash browns on it. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS NOT A BIGGER THING?! It was incredible and extraordinary and I loved it.
    It was essentially layered: bread, cheese, hash browns, egg, cheese, bread. I have a feeling the egg could be scrambled, but the egg for what I had was cooked like a plain omelette…I imagine you could make any type of omelette and put it on a grilled cheese and it could also be good! (For example, mushrooms, peppers, A CHEESE OMELETTE IN YOUR GRILLED CHEESE, the possibilities are endless.)


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