project 365 #1: days 1 – 4

I kind of went into 2015 without a real resolution. Sure, I’ve got important things I want to do this year (keeping my GPA up, improving my blog, finishing my reading project, getting a paid internship this fall, and finally being able to move into my own place are the big ones) but since I’ve been working on all of those for months already, they lack the ~new year new me~ punch.

On New Year’s Eve, I saw this post about doing a project 365, which is basically taking one picture a day, and it got stuck in my head. Ever since my cemetery post, I’ve wanted to explore photography more — take more pictures, take better pictures, go out and look for things to photograph, all that jazz.

Anyway, I’ve been putting pictures up as I go on tumblr but I thought the occasional round-up post might be nice. Here we are:

day 1 – took a trip to the pet shop. got the fish, had to leave the kitten.

day1a day1b
day 2 – went to a harry potter themed party and stalked the hosts’ three beautiful cats.

day 3 – it was a shit garbage rainy day, but I did manage to get out to go bowling. 

day3a day3b

day 4 – drew some lil bitty mice. 


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