Your Guide To: Staying In

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Staying in is a time-honored lazy girl tradition, and although you would think it’s something you can’t screw up, you would be wrong. There are an infinite number of ways to have a good night in, but you’ve still got to approach it with the gentle touch you would use to pet a shy kitten.

IMO, the key thing about staying in, especially from a self-care perspective, is that you treat it like a lil gift to yourself. Hardcore staying in is like a special occasion — it’s more than just being stuck in your house. If you’re bummed that you can’t go out because you’ve got like five hours of homework, that’s not staying in, at least the way I’m talking about here. Staying in right is an event in and of itself.

Without further ado, here are some things to consider when spending a free evening in (and making it as good as or better than going out).

phone? phone

Take a moment to seriously consider if you want to get on social media/answer texts tonight. I’m not saying you shouldn’t, just to tread carefully so that it doesn’t consume the entire evening. Assuming you’re not on call at the hospital or something, I don’t really see anything wrong with going full hermit once in a while and doing your own thing.

pros to keeping your phone on:

  • you can live tweet your night
  • friends don’t think you’re dead
  • jokes/cat pictures

pros to keeping your phone off:

  • might accidentally stalk your ex
  • if too much screen time negatively affects your mood, you might want to avoid that
  • the internet can easily eat up your entire evening
  • no interruptions
  • no comparisons to what anybody else is doing

do something special

I love a good Netflix night, I really do, but they’re a tiny smidge overrated. People romanticize watching television and yes it’s #relatablecontent but it’s also just tv. Binge watch if it’s something you love, but please please don’t just do it to pass the time.

When you really get down to it, how often do you have a full evening (like 5-8 hours) where you can do whatever you want? Like, some cosmic force has granted you with this stress-free time, a rare night when you’re not getting fucked over by work/school/general bullshit. In other words: THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. This is the night to really hack away at the creative project you “don’t have time for.” This is the night you can bake three new types of cupcakes. This is the night that you read an entire book in the bathtub so that you have to keep topping the tub off with warm water and new bubbles. You can do impractical, time consuming nail art if you want. The world is yours bb!

Basically, take advantage of the time to do something you normally don’t get to do. You can watch tv anytime but if you never get your guitar/paints/sewing machine out because you “only have 30 minutes” then guess what you should do during your night in. (It’s kind of a bullshit excuse to begin with anyway, but that’s a post for another day.) I have spent a month plus working on a zine, only to really make progress on it on a Friday night when I locked myself in my house. NIGHTS IN ARE MAGICAL.


Spend some time focusing on ~feeling good~ by being generally self indulgent.

Stop off on your way home and get your favorite snacks in. Pick whatever food will make you happiest!

Change into your comfiest pajamas or the fancy shit that you never have an occasion to wear. High heels don’t hurt if you’re sitting on the couch. 

Take a bath! Drink your favorite drinks! Do your nails or a facemask or whatever it is that makes you feel glamorous or relaxed or carefree or whatever. Basically, what you gotta take from the guide is to be very purposeful with your nights in, because they’re special and you’re special and it’s not worth wasting all that. Have fun, and enjoy a break from awful weather.


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