project 365 #2: days 5 – 14

I’ve been continuing with my photo-a-day project, and having a lot of fun with it. It has gotten more challenging since I’ve gone back to class and my days are consumed by unphotogenic places and things, but it’s still shaping up to be a nice visual diary and snapshot of what’s going on in my life.

I’m posting most of these as I go on my tumblr, in case you want to follow along.

day 5 – a snapshot of my new bow and the cult classic rosebud salve.  
day 6 – a shot of the moon at the train station


day 7 – this is a lizard at the shedd aquarium in chicago. I really like the light/shadow in this picture, as well as the lizard’s pose.


day 8 – I’ve kind of been doing a daily study of tarot trying to learn how to do readings. I don’t really believe in magic or gods of any type, but I’ve been interested in tarot for a long time so I decided to just do it. I’m obsessed with randomness/chaos within the universe, especially as someone who devotes a lot of time to physics and math — what we can’t predict has its own meaning, so I think tarot is useful as a psychological tool and as a fresh lens to use to examine universal experiences of the human condition. 

day8a day8b

day 9 – took a bubble bath and realized I’ve got two bruises that I didn’t even know about b/c of winter

day9a day9b

day 10 – a couple o’ souvenirs I’ve had for a long time


day 11 – this is my cat anya


day 12 – these boots are my everything — they literally just fill me with confidence. 

day 13 – here’s a hot style tip for ya: layer your tights to stay warm in winter!!

day 14 – this is the view from my bedroom window; I love the snowgunk on the bottom of the window and the lil blush of pink in the sky. 



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