project 365 #3: days 16 – 25

I feel like I said this in my last project 365 post, but it’s hard to take a good picture every day! Like, I don’t think I’m accomplishing it, although I know that I’ve taken several that I love just because of this project.

day 16 – an obligatory picture of my cat! I admire her commitment to destroying everything.
day 17 – woke up at a friend’s house at 5:30 am with a pressing desire to go home and lay in my own bed.  
day 18 – I’ve had my mom’s old camera for ages, but I never really got around to fiddling with it until now. I finally put batteries in it, but I’m still apprehensive because it’s actual film and I can’t go take 50 pictures to get the best one and try out different angles and all that. I really have a soft spot for analog things though — physical books, vinyl, all that pretentious horsedick garbage. (There’s probably an alternate universe where I have “coffee addict” in my twitter bio!) I don’t care. I love it.day18
day 20 – I’ve been seeing a girl who works at a pet store and all I can say is that this is an excellent life choice. I went to visit her at the pet store (where I took this picture) and then we went and looked at puppies at another pet store. Every day I’m like “hi bb how was your day” and she tells me about all the dogs she trained, and I highly recommend it.day19
day 21 – a motherfackin manicure, with a cameo from my obnoxious pink watch. I am so obsessed with pink lately, if you give me a color choice for something I always choose pink. day20
day 22 – gave myself a bunch of temporary tattoos. I got them for free at James Ensor exhibit in the Art Institute of Chicago when I took my lil bb trip there to visit my high school bff. Truth be told I didn’t really like the exhibit, nothing really called out to me. I did like this painting by Georgia O’Keeffe  and was very excited to see Nighthawks!! day21
day 22 – we had a couple of days of really really gloomy weather right before a snowstorm, but I absolutely love this shot. There’s actually another building shaped like this across town, and somebody told me they used to be a chain of banks. I love a good urban legend, not that this even qualifies, but I think I’m going to make a little game of trying to get shots of all of them. Anyway, the symmetry in this picture is just so nice, I’m feeling Wes Anderson vibes.

day22 (2)
day 23 – took this picture on the way to an engineering pal’s house. We tried to play axis & allies which was a clusterfuck so we switched to poker. (I won.) day23
day 24 – balloons, ok.


day 25 – fuck matrix algebra I love math but this particular type is so boring.




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