Obsession: Undercuts


Undercuts are pretty much the best thing you can ever do to your hair. They’re a miracle for people with thick or otherwise unruly hair, especially in summertime. Also: look at Natalie Dormer and tell me they’re not cool as hell. I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to them, if you’re not already convinced to shave part of your head.

my undercut I’ve had my nape undercut for about a year and a half; I got it during the first summer in several years that I had hair long enough to lay on my neck, because I’d been slowly growing out a pixie cut.

After a few weeks of sweating, I promptly lost my shit. To stop myself from shaving my entire head, I bought an electric razor and took a good 2-3 inch thick chunk out of my hair.

here is why you should get an undercut:

  • they are incredibly versatile: If you want, you can go from fancy to badass bitch in the time it takes to put together a ponytail, and you can easily hide them by wearing your hair down (for nape undercuts) or changing the way you part your hair (for the side of your head). Basically, if you want to mess with your hair but don’t want to commit to a super short cut or funky colors (or can’t pull it off because of work) this is an excellent option.
  • you’ll spend less time detangling your hair: It’s simple, really. Less hair -> less tangles -> more time to eat entire boxes of cheez-its in one sitting. Girls have to PRIORITIZE, we have more going on than our hair!
  • they help keep you cool: When was the last time you felt a cool breeze on the back of your neck?? It’s wonderful to be outside in the summer and not feel like you’re being baked by your own mane.
  • the texture is outta this world: I dunno if you’ve ever felt a dude’s hair after it’s just been buzzed, but it is heavenly. Now imagine you could feel that texture whenever you want. Bingo.

stuff to know about getting undercuts

  • You’ll have to re-shave it every 3-6 weeks, depending on your tolerance for regrowth.
  • You can get an electric razor with the men’s hair stuff at the drugstore for like $15. This way you can touch up your undercut in between real haircuts.
  • I recommend starting with a smaller undercut, and then deciding if you want to cut more off. Since they take for-fucking-ever to grow out, make sure you’re not sloppy and take off too much.
  • If you have dyed hair, it’ll be like you have a layer of your natural hair color. I like this because it reminds me that I’m just a human being and not a celestial orb of perfect natural blondeness. It keeps me humble, ya know?



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