project 365 #4: days 26 – 35

Kinda made the executive decision to omit a picture if I really really hate it. I’ve taken one every day this year, but I have a few days that were just duds. A DSLR is not really in the cards for me right now, which is totally fine, but I’ve been struggling a little re: clarity/focus.

day 26 – Anya is indoor-outdoor and we just let her roam around the yard because it’s fenced. She’s having a perpetual fit because she loves being outside but just isn’t having it w/ the snow. 
day26aday26b day 27 – I’ve been continuing working through learning the symbolism and meaning of my cards. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon lately, but I’ve been journaling my way through the deck, which I think is a really great way to go about learning tarot because it gives room for personalization and interpretation. From what I’ve done so far, it seems that tarot deals a lot in dichotomy — spiritual/earthly, rational/emotional, and male/female, which is something I really take issue with because I don’t consider gender to be rigid and binary. Having a space to explore and interpret for myself is very useful. 

day27a day 28 – I kinda think eggs are some of the most incredible things that have ever existed. MILKTEETH captures the egg obsession better than I could ever hope to here.  




day 30 – god I just love trees. 


day 32 – we got one freakin awful snowstorm last weekend, and since I work at a grocery store I got to deal with the “EVERYBODY FREAK OUT AND BUY BREAD” thing. 


day 33 – here’s where I keep my records…it’s mostly classical because I like listening to them when I need to focus (and therefore stay off the computer). Also, there’s a lil cubby where I keep zines that haven’t sold yet; you can read an excerpt from “sex, love & the whole shebang” here and have a peek at “FAMEZINE” here


day 34 – I am super grateful to my school for the opportunities I’ve had, but that being said, every building has the aesthetic of a thundering, soulless bureaucracy. 


day 35 – cacti still get me, y’know?