Hyde Brother’s Booksellers

I’ve been meaning to stop in here for almost as long as I’ve lived in Fort Wayne; it’s a labyrinth, really. Within seconds of coming through the door, I knew I made a huge mistake, because how the fuck am I ever going to finish my reading project now. This places is crammed top to bottom with books on pretty much every subject, haphazardly organized and spilling out all over the place.


Honestly, the scary basement lighting means that pictures don’t really do it justice.It’s just so much fun to wander around places like this and let chance introduce a book to you; this is a big reason why I love libraries, because there’s space to explore. (Especially when that can include poking my head past chained off sections and behind curtains.)



Y’all know how much I love a good stack o’ books, but by some miracle I made it out with only two! A superhuman feat of self restraint. 

And then…I found this and just about jumped out of my shoes. It’s just what I’ve been missing: a ridiculously gendered book about BLOGGING WITH MOXY. (Holy fucking shit right. That’s me.)


Of course, while I was still high off of being an oh-so chic geek, I got to interact with a ferocious bookstore cat! (Who, one of the employees told me, had a brother lurking somewhere in the store.) Unfortunately, the cat refused to be photogenic or even really give a fuck but hey, I respect that.

day37i day37j

All in all I’m kind of in a state about the whole experience because oh my god this thing and that thing and CATS.


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