project 365 #5: days 36 – 45

This post could also be titled “midterms ruined my life” but whatever. They’re over, it’s done, I’m free. College is bad and you shouldn’t go, kiddos.

day 36 – these are some lockers for clubs outside the student life office at my school. 

day 37 – yet again I stalked some pet store creatures. This was also the day of the Hyde’s bookstore trip — you can look at pictures from that here.
day 38 – I am still on the hunt for the last of these pyramid shaped buildings, apparently there’s one more. 


day 39 – there’s this torn down school over, and just having the arches up makes me think of like portal-to-another universe type stuff. Anyway, it looks like it was an interesting place.


day 40 – this was the great pie day! I made a dozen of these lil guys for my friends to celebrate valentine’s day. They were so so good, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. 

day 41 – I bought a menstrual cup, now just waiting on a chance to use it! 

day40 day40a
day 42 – just working through this weird-ass book

day 43 – books + cats !!


 day 44 – life hack: if you wear leggings and a tank top to bed you can get dressed for the day without getting undressed from your pj’s.


 day 45 – plants are so gorgeous. I took a trip to an indoor garden downtown and while it wasn’t huge, it was a nice way to spend a fucking frigid afternoon.