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I was going to write a proper intro for this post but basically: here’s all the music I listen to over and over again like an obsessed lil monkey.


I mean honestly, every Sleater-Kinney album, but ok here we are. I’m still in shock that Sleater-Kinney is back and touring, and also that I’m going to see them play in July. (!!!) If you haven’t gotten around to listening to No Cities To Love, you’re not doing yourself any favors; I have no idea what the general music reviewer consensus on it is, but if you’re asking me, it’s absolutely wonderful. The lyrics are great, political/angsty as per Sleater-Kinney standard. I think No Cities To Love manages to jump right back into things with all of SK’s old strengths intact and without falling into an outdated/overly nostalgic feel.


This album was such a chance encounter for me, because I ended up hearing it in high school after one of my mom’s coworkers left the CD in her car. I started listening to it on repeat; Heartless Bastards are a rock group, and the album has a very rich, guitar heavy sound that I adore. I love the vocal quality, and I don’t really think there’s a bad song on the album. Overall, it’s makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, something about the whole thing together is just so full and honest



I’ve never heard anyone IRL talk about Aimee Mann, which is a goddamn shame because she’s great and when you start digging, she’s all over the place; she was in The Big Lebowski (which tbh, I kinda hated), and her band was also one of the bands that played at The Bronze in Buffy (which is how I started listening to her). Whatever and Bachelor No. 2 are probably the two albums of hers that I listen to the most…Whatever is a total 90’s album and I love it, I really like Mann’s voice and expression. The tracks are a little on the mellow-er, longer side and they’re great for moping/studying/reading. Highly recommend for all your moody sad girl aesthetic needs.


This EP is britpoppy cuteness in all its glory; personal fav track is “I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You,” which is a kind of nod to this girl who thinks another girl is awesome and doesn’t like the way the partner (boyfriend?) treats her; I can’t figure out if it’s platonic or romantic, but really, it doesn’t matter. We’ve all had that friend who we’re like, “your boyfriend is a booger and you are too good for him.” Another good track is “I Quit You,” which is a whimsical little breakup tune, if those things can ever really go together. Basically: YES SO GOOD.


This band is so moody, I love it. No Peace is self described as “psychedelic, post riot-grrrl noise” which I think is accurate; it’s angsty and emotional and raw (although the sound doesn’t stray into harshness). The songs are good all the way through…my only complaint would be that it’s only 4 tracks long. Personal favs are “I Slept In This Dress” and “Horses” and “No Peace” and “This Life” oh wait that’s all of it.

(They’ve actually got another EP out now, Earth Energy. Bandcamp here. This is actually one of the few bands I follow through social media…I ended up on their twitter, and normally I ignore the hordes of self-promoting indie bands but they’re just so good.)


Deep deep in my heart I know Weezer is sort of a trashdude band, and even though I’ve never been able to get into any of their other albums, Pinkerton has a little spot in my heart. Being realistic, there are a lot of shitty, problematic things going on here, but the album is also dark and disillusioned, critical of fame/rock, love/sex, and for a long time I really wasn’t able to put into words what I liked about it. Truth be told, I just knew that it made me feel like my heart had been ripped out and thrown on the ground, especially because I started listening to it in high school and it’s been an occasional rotation in my listening just to jerk me back into that special adolescent heartache. I’ve tried not to like it, but every once it a while I end up coming back to it. (Problematic fave status: achieved.)

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