project 365 #6: days 46 – 56

Photographic evidence from a few more of my (mis)adventures. I’m very excited for spring because, as always, I’m struggling to think of things to take pictures of other than my feet/cat/stuff and I think flowers and lil birds or something will make for some good shots. I’ve really had an itch to go hiking for a while, maybe plant a lil window box (if I can figure out a way to safely hang it, I’m not really a build-it type human), and dye eggs for easter. But for now at least, here’s what’s been going on.

day 46 – this is my favorite dress & the start of a knitting project. I really like the color grey; I know a lot of people think it’s bland but it’s kind of moody without being as intense as black. 
day 47 – Anya was playing in a box of tissue paper that we have left out since xmas. 
day 48 – this project got a lot easier when I decided to include selfies.

selfies day 49 – did you know you can make dragons at build a bear?? you can. also I am a child. 
day 50 – I meant to take a lot more pictures at this fake prom (Oscar themed, at a movie theater, I wore a flapper dress) but here I am with only the fucking ceiling. day51
day 51 – a little behind-the-scenes from my birchbox favorites post 
day 52 – as the proud owner of an etsy shop that mostly sells emoji buttons, it should come as no surprise that I also am basically living in this sweater covered in smiley faces. day53
day 53 – tarot journaling is coming along slowly, but I really liked this card. laid it out on top of my journal and my Big Blog Calendar; as you can see, I rarely publish things in the order of their sticky notes, but it still helps me a lot. I love stationary/calendars/day planners so much that later, at a Sally’s, I had to talk myself out of buying organizational products that are made for people who run salons. I don’t run a salon but it was a close call.
day 54 – some winter trees, taken from the second floor of the like, student life/activities/extracurricular building at my college.
day 55 – my awesome red boots on snowy brick. hex ya.

day56eday 56 – my dad adopted this puppy after our old dog died, but the dog has been living with him so I haven’t really had to deal with it. however, he wasn’t able to take care of the dog for a few days, thus beginning my hell of “puppy custody.” this dog is a monster basically with the energy level of a sugar-rushed toddler and he’s teething so he tries to bite everything. plus, he and Anya keep getting into Fights and it’s just like…calm down Buddy.

The picture here is a little smaller because I took it with the front-facing camera, ugh but I guess it is what it is.