project 365 #7: days 57 – 67

[booming announcer voice] MOOOOOORE PICTUUUUURES!

day 57 – this is my all time favorite snapchat filter because LOOK AT MY EYES.

day 58 – more pet store hijinks!

day 59 – I loved this book so much (full review here) Highly recommend it, b/c murakami 5eva.  

day 60  – I recently found out that Anya can actually jump over the fence, and apparently has been doing so for several months so she can go play around the neighborhood. Which is A: astounding, how can she jump so high, and B: a little stressful for me, because I’m worried something’s gonna happen to her while she’s out.


day 61 – my first ever lush visit with my friend Brittany! of course, we got the PB&J BFF’s theme at the photobooth. so fun!day61

day 62 – a kinda spooky Anya pic; she looks a little evil here but that’s ok


day 63 – this is a bridge across the river by campus. it doesn’t really go anywhere in particular, tbh, and nobody ever uses it except for there’s like an extra soccer field there or something. day63

day 64 – I made a ton of new buttons for my shop! (check it out here!) Anyway, this is just a little inside peek into my emoji button process. I’ve been playing with the idea of another zine and making other types of items (as well as a possible giveaway sometime in the next few months??), and I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on that! day64

day 65 – I took a wrong turn that ended up with me on the highway, having to go 7 (!!) miles before I could turn around. A few miles in, of course my gas light came on, so I went on a wild hunt for the station nearest to the first exit, way in the middle of Nowhere/Garret Indiana. Groooosssss. 


day 66 – these are some of my buttons after I finished them! personal fav is the alien button and the set of three monkey buttons; they’re so cute honestly. day66

day 67 – I can’t stop laughing at this picture of two of my friends; Steven’s face in the background is exactly how I felt watching this go down! also love the bottom picture, all of these rats belong to the same gal and we were just hanging out playing with them locked away from the cats. look at the lil bb rat face!! 


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