everybody is dehydrated all the damn time



truth be told you don’t really need me telling you to drink more water, but i’m kind of a self appointed covergirl for drinking water (TM) so here we go

reasons why i drink a lot of water and you should too

  • it’s really really good for your skin
  • it’s cheaper than buying soda/tea/whatever at restaurants
  • you can get headaches from being dehydrated and that’s garbage, for the sake of your dried up brain drink a glass of water
  • between drinking water and going to the restroom extra often, it’s a great excuse to end conversations that you don’t want to have. this sounds super rude and angsty “i hate people mom it’s not a phase” but like, that person who’s pissing you off? you just go like “sorry man i can’t take your shit right now gotta go hydrate” and walk away.
  • idk i just feel better when i drink water, like more alert/less bogged down

how to drink more water

  • this is totally obvious but: carry water with you all the time. i usually drink like 30 oz just during classes every day because a lot of my lectures are really passive and boring so i sit there and drink water and it keeps me awake
  • get a drinking buddy i have an ongoing competition with one of my friends about who is drinking more water, and i’m known locally as “the girl who makes sure everyone is hydrated” like i even will try to make sure your pets have enough water. so get your pals in on it and turn it into a topic of conversation.
  • habitually order water when going out i mentioned earlier that it’s cheaper, but it’s so true. people bring this up a lot but like, really think about it. soda is SUPER MARKED UP like it’s very cheap to produce but if you’re at even a sorta nice place they’re gonna try to get $2.50 out of you for dr. pepper that you only ordered because the waitress/water type person came around and asked what you want to drink. by all means get a coke if you want a coke but if you don’t go in there thinking “wow i really want pop that sounds good” then why bother. get water. retire in style from all the money you save.



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