egggss 2.0

all together
I don’t really care about easter honestly but I do really like seasonal crafts (see also: carving pumpkins). Eggs are such magical lil packets of goodness, and they’re even more so when dolled up in cute springtime outfits. After playing around with a few ways to give egg decorating a bit of a twist, & here are my results:

speckled motherfucker

I soaked this one in red food coloring/vinegar/hot water/the whole shebang and it was beautiful when I took it out — and then I realized that the blue dye all over my fingers had stained the shell! Accidental beauty, honestly.

To do it for yourself, you have to make sure your fingers are stained. I tried to replicate it with other eggs by dipping my fingers in different dyes, but it wouldn’t hold. I think it might have been because my hand got into contact with the concentrated food coloring?

speck 1a

speck 1b


paper towel textured gradient dude

Instead of letting this one sit in food coloring, I poured a small amount of the food coloring mix (which is vinegar, hot water, & like 20 drops of food coloring) into a paper towel and wrapped it around the egg. You can do a good portion of the egg at once, by pouring, wrapping, and then putting fresh food coloring on the dry towel and wrapping further. I really like the pattern that ended up on the egg due to the texture of the paper towel!

gradeint 1b

gradeint 1c

various scotch tape inspired eggies 

For the first one, I wrapped one strip of scotch tape clear around the middle and just let it soak in a cup full of food coloring. (This should be fairly obvious looking at them.) I like that it didn’t make a totally clear line around the egg — it kinda soaks in.

The pink one was made by soaking it in red for just a second (like really, I just dunked it in there and brought it out), putting squares of tape on it, and then letting it sit longer. The big thing about this was putting tape on a hot egg and then dunking it in hot water made the tape a little melty.

blu stripe 1 squares 1a

<3 <3 GOOGLY KIDS <3 <3 

Regular egg dye + sharpie mouths + googly eyes!

They are so cute and goofy and I love it.