project 365 #8: days 68 – 77, anya is my muse

I am just going to be [ahem] upfront about the fact that I am really, really behind on this project. I’ve missed a ton of days, primarily because I stopped going out of my way to take pictures! Or, I would take pictures, but I would go a week in between moving pictures from my camera roll to my project 365 folder, meaning I’m never quite sure if I’m up to date or falling behind.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I haven’t really done much fun cool special stuff lately, just swimming in a pile of schoolwork and poking around looking for a new job. As a result, a lot of these pictures are being posted out of order. It’s a personal goal of mine to get back to taking pictures every day, but for now, here’s my (very scatterbrained) update!

day 68 – anya!!!! 

day 69 – for once, not my cat. baby bella made her first appearance in project 365 #1

day 70 – another purchase from my first lush trip — very springy, I love how cute they are! I’ve used part of these, they bubble really well, although I think I still kinda prefer liquid bubble baths. day70b

day 71 – I’ve made it my mission to photograph every no-trespassing sign within a few miles of my house, just walking around looking for them. (may or may not be a good idea honestly, it seems like a great way to get shot) deeply grateful for the upturn in weather, and therefore my willingness to exist outside of heated buildings.day71a

day 72 – had some time to kill on campus and no real desire to work on school stuff, so I curled up by the fake fire in the library and read the periodicals they leave out. I live just far enough away so that unless I have 3+ hours free, it’s a logistical waste to go home. (same goes for where I work, it’s kind of by my school so I end up just staying on that side of town to save money and time.)

day 73 – made off with a free flower arrangement from an event. I also won a night’s stay at a hotel for knowing that marie curie was the first person to win two nobel prizes — trivia contests are a sort of special thing for me, I won a free pizza earlier in the year (for knowing washington DC tried to become a state — I’m telling you these things so you will know them and win trivia stuff too) and I was the captain of my high school’s “scholastic bowl” team, which is basically just one big miscellaneous shenanigan. basically I know everything but also nothing of significance.  day73

day 74 – I just kind of liked the framing of this shot, it’s a house kind of near mine which I saw while out for a walk

day 75 – I’ve been really into collage lately, although I would like to have a greater variety of magazines to work with. (my monthly nylon issue has lately meant less reading and more gutting for pictures)



day 77 – lately she has been climbing into this thing and chewing on my zines!! bb, how am I supposed to sell zines if you tear them up?? 2 precious