project 365 #9: days 78 – 85 (finals fucked me up)

After only [polite cough] a month off from blogging while I tried to pass my classes this semester, I’m back!

day 78 – as always, start the post with an anya picture


day 79 – this is buddy the demon dog 


day 80 – tights + dresses 5ever

day80day 81 – somebody left cupcakes + cookie cake in the breakroom where I work. how freaking cute damn.


day 82 – photos i definitely did not take with my very friendly neighbors 

day82b day82c


day 83 – more stuff close by my house… I always go on about how I prefer urban areas because there’s stuff to do but honestly, being this close to trees is just really nice and I appreciate it. 


day 84 – a while ago I kinda was looking around for a new job (because I make really shitty money and customers are rarely right, if ever). anyway, I interviewed at a ‘geeky candy shop’ (lots of star wars, harry potter, doctor who foodstuffs) but I ended up having to cancel my second interview because my schedule is really inflexible with school and the disappointment is still kinda clinging to my ankles. it’s such a cool place! 


day 85 – my eggs from easter (jeez it’s been that long…). I love googley eyes so much, they just fill me with joy.