project 365 #10: days 86 – 94

I really like this set of pictures; I think they’re all very aesthetically pleasing and even though shit has been largely gross school stress in my life for over a month, looking back and seeing a few pretty pictures really makes me feel better about the whole shenanigan.

day 86 – lately I’ve been playing in an all girls D&D campaign. I’d never played before (I thought it was for neeeeeerds) but it’s actually been a really great time! 


day 87 – we had a string of miserable rainy days…the window I’m taking this is from like a commons area at school and it used to have a frozen yogurt place and I’m just really upset that it shut down like…you can’t tell me it wasn’t profitable, it was so tasty. ugh.


day 88- this is a large tub of pink glitter that I got for very very cheap and it’s incredible. also, I had an Agatha Christie phase….


day 89 – this was made by Summer for her etsy shop — the shop’s on vacation right now, but it’s still an excellent addition to my bedroom.


day 90 – I did a volunteering event last month, which mostly included cleaning at a horse ranch. Look at the precious cat I saw while we were eating lunch! 

day90a day90c

day 91 – the next weekend (I am really slacking ok) I went to Notre Dame for a civil engineering conference and fell in love with the buildings. the weekend itself was really fucking awful (sunburn + exhaustion + drunk upperclassmen + a truly disgusting level of social drama w/ a male friend and that’s all I’m gonna say about that) but I did learn a lot. 


day 92 – flowers!!! in spring!!! woah!!! 



day 93 –  geese!! on campus!! woah!!

day93a day93b

day 94 – [extremely batman voice] i am the goth bae