our 1-year kittyversary!

A few weeks ago I realized that this summer marks the one year anniversary (kittyversary, if you will) of adopting my precious lil bb cat Anya. I had wanted a cat for ages, but my family is decidedly full of dog people — having everybody in my family agree “ugh fine adopt a cat” was kind of a belated graduation gift, since I was finishing my first year of college.

Honestly like, all corny emotional grossness fully acknowledged, I cannot imagine my life without her. I got her at a pet store whose adoption program was overseen by the local SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals)  — she was just over a year old and was a stray for a while, so when I adopted her she was so tiny!! She hid under my bed for a whole day after we brought her home, but eventually she came out and started getting into things.



Obviously she’s bulked up a little since then, and now she’s very sweet and adventurous. We’ve been keeping her as an indoor/outdoor, since she gets really upset if she’s not allowed to go outside at all, but since the yard is fenced I didn’t think there was really a chance of her running away…but about a month or so ago I realized that she can actually jump over the fence (which is impressive because it’s over six feet tall) and has just been running around wherever she wants.


Looking through pictures from last summer, when I first adopted her, has made me realize just how much has happened in the past year — from starting up my etsy shop to getting really focused about studying engineering to all of the different amazing people I’ve gotten to know (and, ahem, the people I don’t really spend time with anymore), I’m so glad my lil bb cat has been around with me.

Also: I took some really fucking good selfies over the past year, goddamn. 

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this cheesy thing and just say that this whole thing makes me feel so warm and fuzzy, and I hope you’re all looking forward to years and years of constant stories and pictures of furprincess Anya.


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