birchbox favorites #2: out and about

box 2
I’ve developed a really strong appreciation for how cute these lil boxes are; my favorite box so far has been the flowery April box I used for this post. (I’ve also been using the boxes from past months to help organize my drawers, since they fit so well in that sort of space, and it’s been really helpful in keeping things under control.)

night cream


This moisturizer smells so good, it’s a very pleasant lemony smell that doesn’t get to household cleaner levels of overwhelming. I usually use a light moisturizer, because I can be kinda prone to breakouts, but this one is a little bit heavier and I was surprised that it worked as well for me as it did. That being said, I did only use it at night. I woke up with a very soft face, but I think it would be too dense to wear in the morning along with makeup, at least for me. (I felt kinda fancy-bitch about it, like oh this? it’s a night cream, you’ve probably never heard of it.)

dry shampoo


I am not a huge dry shampoo fan because honestly, it seems like they don’t ever work well enough/long enough to get through the day, but I did think this did a fairly good job. (Good enough to roll out of bed and go to work, not good enough for a hot date.) I feel like my hair has been getting greasy faster since I started trying to grow out my natural color, so maybe dry shampoo is gonna start being a bigger part of my life.

Like the amika product I reviewed last time, I’ll probably keep it around until it runs out. Also like the hair mask, I liked the smell!

zit cream


I’ve used a lotta zit cream in my days, and I kinda wish I’d found this one sooner. It’s not like a miracle cream or anything — it legitimately just did what it’s supposed to do, shrink up the zit overnight without feeling super gross. (I feel like a lot of acne products, even light ones, make me feel itchy or like my face is burning, and this didn’t do that for me.) Honestly, I don’t get enough pimples anymore for me to buy a new tube, but it’s nice having a little bit of this around for when something pops up.



I feel like I’m saying this about all of the birchbox stuff, but it smells so gooooood. This has been really good for when I’m blowdrying/straightening my hair, because it’s supposed to do a little heat protecting. (I have no idea if it’s doing this successfully, I don’t know anything, what’s hair.) Also, it stays true to it’s non-greasy claim — I didn’t feel like I had to wash my hair any more often because of using it, which is nice. However, using a detangling product did kinda throw me back to when I was a kid with an absolute mess of hair and having my mom just attack my scalp trying to get the knots and dirt out of it.

perfule & chapstick


I’ve been keeping this in my purse to spritz on when I’m feeling bored, and I really like it. A lot of perfumes are super floral or sweet, which is fine, but I like that this one isn’t exactly like that. It’s kind of spicy, weird as that might sound for a perfume, and it makes it very interesting. I’ve also been really into tokyomilk – la vie la mort, which is a very bitter scent. Sometimes perfume needs a little edge! Of the four perfume samples I’ve gotten from birchbox, this has definitely been my favorite, and I’m kind of rationing out the last of my sample because I don’t want to not have it around, but I don’t have the spare cash for a new perfume right now.



I love the color on this chapstick type deal, it’s nice and dark and goes on very smoothly. (Also: it smells like vanilla.) It reminds me a lot of Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Tinted Lip Balm, in terms of how dense the color is and the type of red, although this is a bit more shimmery.

The picture above is me trying to be all ~glam makeup blogger~ to show you the color when it’s on, but oh my god the sun was so bright that I couldn’t get any pictures where I didn’t look kind of distressed. So this is what you get.