project 365 #11: days 96 – 105

Some more of my day-to-day adventures. The big things are that I’m done with my spring semester (although some of these photos are from that late April / early May time) and working a decent amount and doing my summer class. Also just generally ~palling around~ with friends and cats and whatnot. I don’t know why I’m surprised that I ended up busy, but here I am.

day 96 – campus squirrel babe 


day 97 – spring is fucking here y’all


day 98 – yet another “campus is gorgeous” picture. I’m taking a summer class in surveying and being on campus right now feels like walking through a forest sometimes, I love it. 


day 99 – feeling cute 


day 100 – some cute ducks


day 101 – my friend’s dog. she’s a german shepherd beagle mix which basically means she’s just gonna be a pup forever


day 102 – squirmy lil rats 


day 103 – met a new kitty! 


day 104 – played this adorable game at game night called “sushi go!” which is kind of like spoons, because you pass your hand of cards around. it’s all about arranging your cards so you get the most points/avoid being docked and it was very cute and fun. (nice and fast-paced!)

the second picture’s from a game (whose name I unfortunately forget) where you’re like a wizard and you combine spells to fight everybody else. all of the drawings are super gory and ridiculous, it’s very fun! 



day 105 – finally used my ufo bath bomb! it was so nice, I absolutely loved it (pretty water + very moisturizing + relaxing + nice smells)