fitting room focus #1: crop top acquired

This is an idea I’m straight up stealing from a post on lil ashton, which is blogging based off of stuff you just tried on in the fitting room. I kinda thought it would be a fun little thing to do once in a while, especially just because I like to try stuff on and play with things and see how they turn out. These are all from a Plato’s Closet I went to on Memorial Day.IMG_6341

i have this similarly flowy button up shirt with moths on it, so i kind thought i could make flowy-button-ups-with-animals like a thing, but i [polite cough] ended up leaving this one on the rack


i’ve been looking around for crop tops because i realized i’d been resisting them for so long because i felt like i needed to have some perfectly flat stomach to be able to wear them, but you know i wanna wear cute shit and the past year or so i’ve focused on like going swimming without doing that thing where you like size yourself up  — i keep encountering people who will not go swimming on their ‘fat days’ which is so frustrating because patriarchal beauty standards basically poison our hearts

(and i say all this knowing that there’s people who are gonna point at this and be like oh but you are skinny and cute why are you self-conscious but consider: that is not the point and saying stuff like that is largely irrelevant to how any person feels about their body because again, patriarchal beauty standards basically poison our hearts)

i did not purchase this shirt although now that i look back i almost wish i did — it’s giving off some good energy if you ask me. i love the fashion thing of buttoning shirts up all the way it feels like just a very subtle queer thing to do


i have such strong nostalgia for my lil goth emoish phase from middle/high school like you have no idea so even though it is 200% not my style anymore, sometimes i just have to slip back into it for a couple minutes

i went back to my hometown a weekish ago to hang with a friend and we fucking listened to mcr and greenday and all that shit and it was just like [heart eyes emoji / skull emoji / two girls holding hands emoji]


strong 10/10 love for this shirt it’s so comfy and simple but not [glances around] too simple

it’s by calvin klein and honestly like i feel like an underwear model in it even though i am fully dressed

also i hope you have enjoyed my rapidly messing scrunchie, i am all about scrunchies lately because they are so cozy and fucking mess but like in the best way


last but not least, the star of the show, the titular crop top, a Thing That I Bought, this beautiful creature. i put this on and literally just felt like i leveled up in life, it’s a very comfy fabric in a great color and basically honestly just feels very right. 95% cotton, 5% spandex, originally from wet seal although i have no clue if you could get it there now, i have never been inside an actual wet seal store in my life so


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