project 365 #12: days 106 – 115

I’ve made it into summer, but instead of slowing down it seems like things have actually picked up. Between working and taking a fairly time consuming summer class, things have just been kinda [small, defeated sigh], but there’s been a lot of fun stuff going on too.

day 106 – I’ve had this succulent for around two years but honestly, I’m not quite sure what else to do since it’s been losing leaves slowly this whole time. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn it around! 


day 107 – gratuitous campus shot…I love skywalks or whatever the hell they’re called, I feel like walking through a glass hallway is just The Future personified and I really like it.  


day 108 – stvn and emma accompany me in this window selfie, ft. this anime ass calendar from a show called yo-kai watch


day 109 – a couple of drawings I did in my tiny tiny sketchbook

day109a day109c

day 110 – My friend’s super cute partner’s beautiful dog. They’re so lucky to exist in close proximity to this majestic beast. 


day 111 – the legend. the myth. the cat clock.

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about where this came from, but unfortunately my mother brought it home from a thrift store, so I don’t know where to tell people. It’s got different cat breeds on it and can meow on the hour, but I had to take the batteries out of the meowing part because jesus fucking christ it gets annoying really fast.


day 112 – went for a walk downtown and got this shot while laying in the grass in front of a church. also got pizza + ice cream with bb stvn from earlier and got scared by some PUNKs who were skating! 


day 113 – the crop top!!!!! 


day 114 – started working on lil crochet dolls. Took this picture while working on it, since then have added arms and named him goofy! 

My goal is to make some to start selling in my etsy — buttons have been fun but it’s starting to feel a little limited and I really want to branch out and keep it as a thing that’s mostly for expressing myself. (Which, honestly, should be the goal for all my blogging/writing/crafty/musical ventures, because why fucking bother otherwise.)


day 115 – finished goofy, out in the wild!