getting settled + curb vinyl night

The past week has been almost surreal. Even though I’ve been going on and on about oh I’m gonna move out soon and ugh I hate working at the grocery store, I need an internship, those two things actually happening threw me into Hot Mess Mode. I’d been talking about moving into an apartment with someone, but we kept running into trouble with what we wanted out of a place, so I had kinda just decided to let it go a little while longer and focus on my summer class. Then all of a sudden, my friends Tre and Amanda (Amanda is the editor of the fantastic feminist zine Cat Talk) were looking, and a week later, I was moving in. The internship happened in a similar way – I went in expecting not to get it, five hours later writing out my notice at the old job.

The whole process, while exciting, had me walking around for a good four or five days feeling like I was going to vomit…I didn’t really calm down until I got settled into the apartment. (Lil bb Anya didn’t like making the trip either…)

My room is a bit of a work in progress — I left almost everything I own boxed up at my parents’ house, just because I realized I had accumulated so much unnecessary shit but also that I didn’t know which of it was unnecessary and what I’d spend the following three days driving back and forth across town to get. I packed for moving like I was blindfolded and did the whole thing in the 36 hours before the move, so here’s where we’re at right now.



Last night, Tre noticed our neighbors throwing out three (3!!) boxes of records! Naturally we went and snatched them off the curb immediately. (Picture two shows the infamous baby Bella, who I LIVE WITH NOW. I’m in a goddamn 3 cat household and I feel like everything is going to be okay after all.)



Sorting through such a large volume of vinyl required a HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED sorting method. There are four categories:

  • terrible, no, donate to goodwill
  • good album art (which I intend to use for zine covers in the future)
  • good records
  • creepy religious music that’s full of innuendo

For example:

IMG_6614 IMG_6624



stay saxy,

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