cds saving me from my bitchass commute

twinpostA couple of months ago I started an internship that’s exciting and awesome and cool fun times in a lot of ways — but not in one crucial way, which is how soul-crushing it is to wake up before the sun and commute to work on the highway with all the dead-inside real adults through no less than three construction zones.

It could be a lot worse — but I’m still salty. (The sheer quantity of times my dumb morning brain has spilled coffee on my lap just when I pull into the parking lot…let’s not think about it.)

One of these days I’ll go get an aux cord and take my middle school favs off my decade-old ipod, but right now I’m really into CDs — they’re usually a good length for the distance I’m driving, and I like the cohesiveness of listening to an artist for a whole album through. Here are my current baby favs:

cd1Bury Me At Makeout Creek – Mitski 

I have such AHHHHHHHHHHH! feelings about Mitski (read about when my gal pal & i went to her concert here). Mitski is very FEELS and stuff and her music is just so overwhelming — the Townie music video is a good starting point, but definitely don’t stop there.

I mostly just alternate screaming and crying while I listen to this, and I know at least one of my coworkers has passed me on the highway and seen me doing so.

cd2-1Bottoms of Barrels – Tilly and the Wall

The main thing I love about this album is how full it sounds — it’s got a little different instrumentation than the standard drums+guitar+bass+vox, which I always appreciate. My favorite track is definitely Bad Education — I feel like I usually skip straight to that song and then listen to the album straight through from there until I get back to it. Highly recommended for quality tunes.

cd3Tidal – Fiona Apple 

This is so dark and broody, and I love it. I have this feeling Fiona Apple is kinda big or was at some point or something or maybe I have her confused with Regina Spektor but everything I for-sure know about her as an artist is isolated into this album. Every track is good (IMO) so go get into it etc. cd4


This is mostly instrumental and so so spooky, it’s surreal to start the day with, and I especially like it on foggy days. (Which we get quite a few of because Fort Wayne is built on a swamp or something.) Everything is spooky scary and nothing hurts. (Everything hurts.)