mini book reviews #5

december 2015 (2)[Puts sunglasses on and motorcycles out of the library parking lot] bye bitches.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:


I was not overwhelmed with loving this book, although I definitely didn’t hate it. The whole premise is this verision of America where immigrants have brought their personal gods from their own countries, and those gods are real and walking around as their own people and living off of people worshipping them. There were some parts I found interesting about like the premise and some of the magic/supernatural scenes, but the overall story wasn’t really my style. (This doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible book or anything — someone who likes that type of book more would probably enjoy it.)

ANIL’S GHOST – Michael Ondaatje

AHHHHHHHHHHH this book is so INTENSSEEEEEE. A forensic anthropologist who grew up in Sri Lanka returns to the country, which is overwhelmed by political turmoil, in order to investigate political murders that are occurring. The whole book is suspenseful (involving a constant conflict re: the fact that you don’t really know who you can trust) and graphic, and I really enjoyed the prose itself. I’d definitely recommend it, although it can drag in background narrative at times.

MAI, THE PSYCHIC GIRL – Story by Kazuya Kudo, Art by Ryoichi Ikegami

(volumes 1 – 4)

I found the first four books in this series in a thrift store in St. Louis when I went for my birthday, and it’s got me fucked up all sorts of different ways. On the surface, they’re nothing really special; the story is cheesy (and even cliché at times) but I think that may also be part of what I like about it? It’s fast moving, the characters are sweet, and I personally like the drawing style a lot, so despite the cheese factor, I was drawn in immediately.

The story centers around Mai, a fourteen year old Japanese girl who has psychic powers. In the books, human society is controlled by a secret society called the Wisdom Alliance, and they want to use her psychic power to aid them in furthering their goals. The story throws in a few good punches, physical and emotional, and I found myself getting through each volume in a single sitting. All in all good for a light read — I had a lot of fun with it.