baby cats break all the rules: birchbox favorites #3

When I moved in June I didn’t open any packages from birchbox for months, I just let them pile up because my life was in chaos and I just was like…I do not have the emotional energy for anything new right now, even lipstick. And then when I moved again in October it was pretty much the same: life moves so fast, I didn’t check my email for months either and I finally did that and oh boy did I fuck up and miss some important information.

Mid-Octoberish, very shortly after move #2, we got another cat — or more accurately, a lil kitten!! She belongs to two of my roomates, and it brings the household cat total up to five – my cat Anya, Junebug (the Maine Coon stray who wormed his way inside our hearts at the old place), Bella, Couch, and Tattle (who’s in this post). Needless to say they’re all literally purrfect.

bbox 3.6With a little help from baby tattle, here’s what I’ve been using out of the last like five months of birchboxes.


I’m really enjoying this one — it’s basically just a nude-colored gloss, but like all good nude lipstuff it’s a richer “natural” color than my bare lips, which is why we all buy into this expensive lie in the first place. It’s smooth and comfortable to wear though, and I keep it in my bag just to throw on throughout the day.


Ahhhhhhhh…it’s very rare that I’m ever like “oh, this thing changed my life” but…this thing. It changed my life. I had never used an eyebrow gel before (I used a pencil before this) but: this is so much easier, it looks so much better, I like it so much more. I don’t know if this is a really great eyebrow gel or if pencils are just total shit, but I’m really liking it; it goes on smoothly, stays well, and looks very full while still seeming natural.


In my last birchbox post I talked about liking kind of bitter or otherwise edgy scents, but I’m definitely having a moment for sweet perfumes. I developed an obsession with Flowerbomb for its straight up catty, sickly sweet pageant smell last winter, and since then I have a way stronger pull towards sugary perfumes. Mimosa is not nearly that overbearing; it’s sweet but it’s still light, and there’s a certain feeling of warmth and calmness that I feel wearing it. If it was a visual effect just like, a softly glowing ball of yellow light would feel appropriate.


This is supposed to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, but I’ve been using it as hand lotion and it’s doing a good job. It’s important to moisturize constantly during winter and so I like having lots of little tubes of lotion floating around my life, because full size containers are too much commitment. I don’t really think this lotion smells as much like coffee as it claims to, but it doesn’t smell bad. (Honestly it’s a little more chocolatey than anything?)


This is another sample that I like just as like, an additional moisturizer to what I already use. The onset of winter (as well as hot showers) has started drying my skin out, so I really appreciate how well this counteracts that without being too greasy.


Here’s the rascal going after the lamp I was using for pictures during this dim hell of a winter evening. She’s so playful, and even Bella, who’s straight up crabby most of the time, will playfight with her.

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