zine preview: monster vol. 1

list 1As I mentioned in my reflections/goals new year’s post, one of my goals for the next year is to publish a zine every 6-8 weeks. I’ve done zines in the past (famezine and love sex + the whole shebang) but I’ve never been consistent with it, and they were essentially one-off themed zines, so with monster I’m trying to experiment more and take advantage of zines as a medium. I also appreciate the sense of intimacy in zines — I have such small runs for mine, usually less than 30 copies that actually get sold to people I don’t already know, so I feel like I can share things I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on here. (For example, I’ve talked about polyamory on here before but never gone into detail, but I’ve got a section in the zine about poly stuff just because it’s a more private, safer space for me.)

A couple pieces from monster vol. 1 are actually already published on my lil blog here:

digital kitten: a short story about a small cat’s adventures irl and online
taking it back: a reflection on rape culture/the event Take Back The Night

Anyway, I also wrote some haikus and put them into collages for the zine. (shown below) As for the rest of the zine, you’ll have to snag a copy to find out what’s inside! (Click this link to go to my shop!)


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