pink haired cliché

pink haired postPink hair, the same toy camera as everyone else, and a photographer sweetheart: maybe it’s unoriginal, but I’m gonna enjoy this convergence of blogger clichés. I’m in a brief (oh so brief) period of time where professionalism in the workplace has no bearing on my personal style, so I’ve dyed my hair and wasted (but not really wasted, honestly) my instax film on potentially incriminating party pictures.

ok 6I always kinda feel ruffled by fitting into stereotypes. I don’t like feeling like a type – whether it’s related to queerness, blogging, or whatever else. (I feel like I pulled the ultimate inadvisable u-haul move by getting involved with a girl I already lived with, but hey, it’s working out. Let’s not even talk about the plaid button ups hanging in my closet.) At the same time, I don’t want to not do the things I wanna do just because it’s not my original first completely special snowflake idea. (Everything has been done before, anyway.) So here I am: pink hair and a small lush obsession, doing my best to ignore what I think people are gonna think.