project 365 2.0 #1 (days 1-12): jumping the gun

As one of my 2016 goals, I’m back to the photo-a-day project! And since I didn’t really see any point in waiting until actual New Year’s Day to start it, I went ahead and started on December 30th.
imageday 1 (dec 30) –  A picture from the instax camera I finally bought (after a year of pining) on my perfume tray. The x-heart-x-heart bracelet is something I made at a craft night hosted by the campus feminist group. imageday 2 (dec 31) – Zines that I got as a gift from one of my roommates! All of these are from the etsy shop The Awkward Ladies Club, and I was so thrilled! (It’s a tremendous exercise in self restraint running an etsy shop and not constantly buying things off etsy, as much as I would love to.)

day 3 (jan 1 - edit) day 3 (jan 1) – In the spirit of being real with everybody, I slept in on New Year’s Day, spent the entire rest of the day in my pajamas on the couch watching Clueless and Orphan Black, and finally made it to the shower to get cleaned up no later than 5 pm. (Note the clawed up shower curtain, courtesy of one of the cats.)

day 4 (jan 2)day 4 (jan 2) -This is incredibly cheesy if you know the backstory but whatever.

day 5 (jan 3 - edit)day 5 (jan 3) -I actually totally did not have the energy to think about tarot on this day, but I’ve got a couple sets of january-instagram-challenge-prompts saved as inspiration for this project and tarot came up in one of them so I just went with it. This is my only deck and I’m not crazy about it aesthetically but I’m still (slowly) working through learning.

day 6 (jan 4 - edit)day 6 (jan 4) – Printed the zine I’ve been working on lately! You can catch a peek at what’s inside here or check out the listing itself to get a copy!

day 7 (jan 5 - edit) square cat doodlesday 7 (jan 5) – Colored in this page in a coloring book called “No Claws for Alarm” with watercolor colored pencils (which was very fun) and then dicked around with it a bit in photoshop.

ok 4day 8 (jan 6) – I am so (so so so) hyped about my new hair color! People keep asking me if it’s my “real” hair though — I didn’t realize it looked like a wig!

day 9 (jan 7 - edit)day 9 (jan 7) – My best friend since grade school came to town to hang out for a few days and I dragged her into a photobooth. (She laughed so hard she cried!) It’s incredibly tricky to keep friendships going when there’s a lot of physical distance but I’m so grateful we haven’t fallen out of touch.

This is another one I messed with in photoshop. I’m never sure if I’m actually improving a picture, but I guess the point is that it looks more like the way I want it to look rather than measuring up to some objective thing. The main things I try to focus on with pictures (as far as trying to take better ones) are lighting, composition, and de-cluttering my shots, and editing can help a bit with composition/lighting which is nice.

day 10 (jan 8)day 10 (jan 8) – Just a couple of drawings in this tiny notebook that’s pre-divided out into comic boxes. (It even has lil speech bubble stencils.)

day 11 (jan 9)day 11 (jan 9) – I went to the mall and the escalator was broken and you know what that means….escalator guts!!

day 12 (jan 10 - edit)day 12 (jan 10) – Another prompt-inspired picture (prompt: “adorn yrself”) so I painted my nails and dug out a piece of costume jewelry I really like. When I look at my hands IRL they always look fine but I feel like in pictures I look like I have the wrong amount of fingers which is kind of unnerving.

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