monthly playlist & links #3 – january 2016


If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy) // Backstreet Boys
That’s What You Get // Paramore
Take It On Faith // Natalie Maines
Make Them Gold // CHVRCHES
Wetsuit // The Vaccines
Ironclad // Sleater-Kinney
Criminal // Fiona Apple
Last Words Of A Shooting Star (Live @ WNYU The Sound Between) // Mitski

I’ve also decided to kind of add a bunch of links to this segment to give you kind folks in the studio audience something to look at while you listen to the playlist.

  • These pictures of abandoned amusement parks in Japan are really spooky and cool, especially if you generally like abandoned places.
  • This Witch Cake post on sleep paralysis is also super spooky. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis only once in my life and it was absolutely terrifying – being completely unable to move while you’re conscious is scary enough on it’s own without your brain being frozen up with fear.
  • My beeb Amanda is obsessed with wikis, and one day she very excitedly sent me the link to a website called murderpedia, which is appropriately named because it is the self proclaimed largest database in the world about serial killers/mass murderers.
  • A lil bb tutorial on making origami bows, bunnies, and ice cream.
  • A post by one of my favorite blogs, bitches gotta eat, titled “do black girls even get to be depressed?”
  • I was listening to the Girlpool NPR Tiny Desk Concert (again) and this gem came up on autoplay: The Prettiots. Boys (I Dated In High School) hit a lil too close to home and Suicide Hotline had me in a near-weepy spot, so click it if you feel like even more music.
  • This post on tips on doing work by yourself has some good advice — between school, blogging, and etsy, I have a lot of things I work on at home in my makeshift basement office and I’ve found it really useful to schedule time to do stuff and just fucking get dressed in the morning, so I was not at all surprised to see those tips on there.
  • I haven’t had a chance to make my way entirely through this yet, but someone I know from twitter spent all of December on a “best of 2015” music list and there’s some good sh!t. (The link has every post in that chain in it, so you won’t have to hunt.)