project 365 2.0 #2 (days 13-24): snow and cats and whatnot

The past few weeks have been unfortunately school-heavy; I’m staying in studying a lot and it’s got me kind of antsy. Here are my photos from this trying time:
day 13 (jan 11 - edit)day 13 (jan 11) –  Somewhat sloppy kitchen aside, I wanted to show off this room a bit because of Tré‘s nintendo stuff on top of the cupboards. It’s a fun thing to see everyday, even as someone fairly indifferent to video games. (Not a great picture clarity-wise but I really want to make sure I remember this space.)

day 14 (jan 12 -edit)day 14 (jan 12) –  A list of the worst things a professor can do to students (related to textbooks):

  • specify that you need to buy access to the online homework website (like, in general, but also double awful if it’s not going to be used)
  • assign a very very new edition of the textbook (no used copies available)
  • not list the textbook as a course material until 4 days before classes start for the semester & be a lil bitch when people haven’t been able to find yr damn book

day 15 (jan 13)day 15 (jan 13) –  BOXCAT TATTLE

day 16 (jan 14)day 16 (jan 14) –  My hair makes me constantly crave sherbet.

day 17 (jan 15)day 17 (jan 15) –  I made these buttons for etsy and I think they’re cute shit so.

day 18 (jan 16 - edit)day 18 (jan 16) – An instax photo of two of my favorite journals (for covers, not for content), carefully placed to reveal only a sentence fragment of why I like blogging from journal #12.

day 19 (jan 17 - edit)day 19 (jan 17) – Well you all know what this is it’s fucking winter that’s what.

day 20 (jan 18)day 20 (jan 18) – If I had any desire to do full posts about outfits, this one would get a post, even if it’s a blurry photo.

day 21 (jan 19)day 21 (jan 19) – Cookies & cat lady vibes.

day 22 (jan 20)day 22 (jan 20) – Babyghoul Anya sitting on the couch looking at the ceiling. Constantly vigilant.

day 23 (jan 21)day 23 (jan 21) – Best Coast’s CD playing on repeat in my car, talking about how nice California is in this fucking winter bullshit.

day 24 (jan 22)day 24 (jan 22) – This is how my house looks outside! We are the annoying yard sign neighbors!

stay safe & warm & stuff!
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