5 blogs i love (& think you’ll love too)

favbloggerspostI’m not gonna fuck around with a big long intro because I feel like the picture of the dog and its many emoji hearts says it all: I love to read blogs, and there are a lot of blogs I really love. Here are five of my favorites.

bitches gotta eat

Clean white backgrounds for excruciatingly staged product photos are nonexistent here; instead, Sam’s posts are cynical, upfront, and more than anything else, hilarious.

Recommended posts:

what do i have to say to a cop? : a quick rundown of how not to screw yourself over when interacting with the police

last night a man eating out of a garbage can called me ugly: a play in three acts : story of the author, as promised, and a man eating out of a garbage can who called her ugly

do black girls even get to be depressed? : about depression and race, and dealing with all that

Witch Cake

I wasn’t sure how to describe Witch Cake, but eventually I kinda just fell on that it’s got a lot of the best qualities of like, lifestyle blogging as a genre, but with a twist. There’s pretty things with crisp photography, but there’s also some sexual content (although nothing super graphic), art, and some refreshingly honest talk about blogging. A few months ago (I couldn’t say exactly how long ago, honestly) it was renamed Witch Cake from The Persephone Complex, and both names are nods to fairy tales, which are a big theme in the blog.


Vivatramp is primarily about books and reading, which is something I really enjoy reading about, because listening to people talk about what they think of books (especially ones they love) is incredibly energizing. Of course, I also like using it as a source for books that I might be interested in reading myself. She’s also blogged about some of her creative writing (recently, poetry) and about her health/living with chronic illness. (For example, this post: how to be a good friend to someone with an illness.)


I hope this doesn’t seem biased because this is my beeb’s blog, but I stand by the recommendation. Amandaplanet has posts dealing with topics ranging from menstrual cups (fitting, as she nudged me into trying a menstrual cup and I love them), mental health, and pop culture. Definitely recommended if you like blogs with a strong feminist focus.

The Dainty Squid

The Dainty Squid is one of my all time favorite blogs; it’s one of my main inspirations for doing Project 365 pictures. I desperately love all of the posts with photos of abandoned places. Urban exploration is something I get so excited about; maybe I’m no chill about it, but I just think it’s freaking cool.

I am always somewhat nervous to have a public record of anything that might get me into trouble later on, so I have some admiration for her posts on abandoned spots. It’s all out there, even though she doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that you do have to be sneaky about it.

In addition to exploring abandoned Cleveland, Kaylah blogs a lot about her collections (which are weird and interesting), biking, sending physical mail, and her adorable pets.