project 365 2.0 #3 (days 25-36): too much studying, tbh

This is a somewhat selfie heavy post, since I got really into taking pictures of my hair. This is an Urgent Important Task since it’s a temporary thing!

day 25 (jan 23)day 25 (jan 23) – Tattle straight up posed for this picture.

day 26 (jan 24)day 26 (jan 24) – A shot of my bed, but converted into a study bed.

day 27 (jan 25)day 27 (jan 25) – I was on campus to study, and as you can see, not happy about it.

day 28 (jan 26)day 28 (jan 26) – Hanging out in the Women’s Studies department library means hanging out with the cornhole vagina game.

day 29 (jan 27)day 29 (jan 27) – A literal fucking hole in the literal fucking ground on campus.

day 30 (jan 28)day 30 (jan 28) – Tattle again! She loves to climb into bed under the blankets because it’s warm, and it’s the sweetest thing feeling her purr against you. It seems like I take more pictures of Tattle than any of the other cats, but truth be told she just seeks it out — the rest of them are always lurking and moving around, but Tattle is absurdly photogenic.

day 31 (jan 29)day 31 (jan 29) – Some buttons I made! (Although I haven’t listed them yet.)

day 32 (jan 30)day 32 (jan 30) – These are where my cacti are set up right now! The hedgehog one has grown a lot but still doesn’t really have very deep roots, meaning it kind of wobbles a bit, which is unfortunate.

day 33 (jan 31)day 33 (jan 31) – My keys, ft. birthday pom pom!

day 34 (feb 1)day 34 (feb 1) – A grainy blurry front facing camera picture with my friend Britt at Amanda’s birthday party!

day 35 (feb 2)day 35 (feb 2) – My hair faded SO MUCH, SO FAST, for a while it was making me look like I was going through a rebellious middle school phase.

day 36 (feb 3)day 36 (feb 3) – …which brings us to me re-dying my hair with some dye I had just laying around. (Fun fact for long time readers: this is the leftover dye I used when I dyed my armpit hair pink!) I’m really bummed because I got some weird stain on that white shirt, although the addition of pink dye stains slightly improves the situation.

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