a very cheesy valentine’s printable, because i love you

valentine 4I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day, which I would assume is surprising to other people because I hate everything and am constantly telling everyone to break up with their boyfriend. And rest assured, I do hate Valentine’s Day, sort of, from the perspective of there being lots of pressure and insecurity and people getting weirdly focused on their partners spending money on them.

But I also love to tell the people I love that I love them. Last year I wrote about the tiny cupcake sized pies that I make every year for my friends, so be sure to check that out if you want everybody to love you for your domestic prowess. The spirit of giving your friends and sweethearts little gifts in the middle of a terrible time of year (smack in the middle of winter and an academic semester for me) is so so nice and I love it.

So I made you, my blog sweethearts, some meme ass pop culture valentine’s cards to print out. Because I love you.

Print out the pdf here.