project 365 2.0 #4 (days 37-47): pies, pins, & animal bbs

I had a bunch of tests in a short period of time (not officially midterms but: midterms) but I’m done and survived and am relieved to be able to breathe.

day 37 (feb 4)day 37 (feb 4) – Channeling my best Wes Anderson skills for this shot of a building in town.

day 38 (feb 5)day 38 (feb 5) – My mom adopted a dog! He’s a Great Dane and we’re gonna solve mysteries together. day 39 (feb 6)day 39 (feb 6) – Sleeping (full grown) kitten Anya. day 40 (feb 7)day 40 (feb 7) – Another cheesy shot; I keep this pin on my car’s visor thing to remind me of a day trip every time the sun shines in my goddamn eyes.   day 41 (feb 8)day 41 (feb 8) – My roommate got this mug and when I held it up against the coffee rug…well, here we are.

day 42 (feb 9)day 42 (feb 9) – Unfortunately blurry picture of the campus booksale put together by the school’s various campus organizations (meaning Amanda did all the work).

day 43 (feb 10) - tre took thisday 43 (feb 10) – Guest post of Anya, taken by Tré!

day 44 (feb 11)day 44 (feb 11) – I’ve been super into pins lately, so this is a picture of some of my favorites. The only thing I really don’t like about them is that it is so easy to lose stuff like this, so I end up constantly checking that I still have them.

day 45 (feb 12)day 45 (feb 12) – Junebug! Peeking ’round corners & snatching up hearts.

day 46 (feb 13)day 46 (feb 13) – One of Amanda’s mom’s cats!

day 47 (feb 14)day 47 (feb 14) – This year’s cup pies!