a collection of goofy, dated blog widgets

blog widgets

A couple of days ago I was poking around online and came across a blog with the little fish widget you can now see on my sidebar; it set off an embarrassingly in-depth search in which I scoured the internet for similar little widgets, plugins, shockwave flash animations, whatever.

People are always like “blahhh blahh when you put stuff on the internet, it’s there forever,” so I don’t know why I was surprised to realize that a lot of the clunky myspace-esque mid 2000’s plugins are still hanging around, completely ignored, but they are. (Also relevant to this topic: the Wayback machine internet archive.)

Anyway, here’s some of the stuff I found on my frantic search, as well as where you can go to add it to your own site.


Here are the fish before I customized mine; you can click on the box to feed them or like hover your cursor over it and they’ll come swim towards you. Available here.

hamster & spider

The same person who did the fish also made a hamster and a spider. The spider in particular is a little unnerving especially if you aren’t expecting it.

derivative calculator

I got too excited about this calculator from Wolfram Alpha. It’s not actually that crazy wild to be able to be able to do that with a computer instead of in your brain (if you can get a copy of Maple that’s also good to use for help visualizing calculus but to be honest I don’t ever bother). There are a ton of other Wolfram Alpha widgets on a variety of topics, so that’s worth checking out also.


This is the one that I think would probably be the most popular for other people of all of these, which is just a lil thing you can put in your sidebar that’ll show off your instagram pictures. (I put mine towards the bottom of the page because I don’t really post on instagram that much but I do sometimes put the nicer project 365 photos up there.) This link has a couple of different options, although the one I’m showing below is my favorite.

“beautiful clock”

Honestly I laughed when I saw this clock but if you want to have one on your blog, you can’t go wrong with this!

tarot reading

There’s something I find immensely distasteful about an online tarot deck but: it exists in widget form if that’s a thing you wanna do.