zine preview: portal cat in monster vol. 2

MONSTER FULL COVERI managed to pull together monster vol. 2 by my self imposed deadline, and I’m pretty happy with it! I’ve had a lot of stuff going on so this kind of got pushed to the backburner, but making putting this zine out one of my New Year’s goals it really helped me not to forget about it. The only thing in it that’s been posted already is an excerpt from my blog post about STEM education and gender diversity, everything else is shiny! and new! Here’s a sneak peek from some of the more visual-y pages:

vol 2 collage portal catThe part of the comic was tough for me to do; I have this somewhat ambitious idea about doing a long form/recurring comic in the zine, but quite frankly I don’t even have a fully formed idea for it, and I find drawing (even sloppily) exhausting. But it’s something I hope to be able to incorporate by the end of the year in my zines, and this was a nice lil fun thing that got me taking a step in that direction so I’m really happy with it. (Page 20 has the last page of portal cat, which is just portal cat falling out of a portal in the sky onto the girl.)

The zine is available on my etsy shop, and I’ve also created a listing to buy volumes 1 and 2 combined at a lower price, if you want to get both of them. I had the somewhat regrettable idea to bind volume 2 with yarn, and it was a pain in the ass to sew the binding in instead of just stapling it. Lesson learned, although it does look cute!



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